Star Wars Month – Day Two – Stationery

We love stationery in our house and so I was really happy to be sent a variety of stationery products whilst working on this Star Wars feature. I was sent a set of Star Wars Rebels stationery from Sambro and also a few R2D2 themed items from Tobar.

Alison loves Star Wars Rebels and she really liked these stationery sets. The large Rebels notebook is A5 so is the ideal size to place in bags to take with you on the go. The Stationery sets would make great stocking fillers for kids or even the perfect item for their pencil cases to have at school.  The quality is really good considering that they are low price point items and I would definitely look at getting stationery from Sambro in the future now I have seen how good these sets are.
The two R2D2 items that I was sent from Tobar have been hidden away from the children and claimed as Adults only which doesn’t happen often in our house but then again how often does my pen shine out a picture of Princess Leia that is so important to the films and a notebook with paper this silky and this geeky really needs protecting from young scribbles and cared for with proper geeky to do lists and stuff. Ok, so I geek out about stationery almost as much as I do about Star Wars so when you put the two together in such brilliant quality you know you are on to a winner.  Both of these items would make great gifts for the geek in your life both young and old!