Star Wars Month – Day Seventeen – Uncle Miltons The Force Trainer II

Imagine being trained in the force. It is every young (and old) Star Wars fans dream to master the force and learn to manipulate things with your mind. Uncle Milton have brought out The Force Trainer II Hologram experience  that uses an app on your tablet to create holographic images that you control with your mind using the headset provided. It all sounds a bit far fetched really doesn’t it  but we couldn’t wait to give it a go and see how we got on.
Putting together The Force Trainer II was easy enough as it is a hollow plastic base, the hologram platform and the tablet support with cover. It all slots together easily and looks great once it is finished.
The headset is obviously the most important part of The Force Trainer II, it takes 1 AA  battery and has three sensors. One of the sensors goes on your forehead and the other two go behind your ears. The sensors must lay against your skin and not on hair or they wont work.

To get started you need to download The Force Trainer app which is available in the Apple App Store and Google Play. The Force Trainer II is only compatible with certain devices due to screen size  needing to align with the geometry of The Force Trainer. Once the app has downloaded you need to connect the headset to the device via Bluetooth.

The Force Training starts off easily with moving an asteroid around the Hologram. You really need to concentrate and try not to move as this may affect our concentration. I found that breathing deeply whilst focusing  on what I wanted to happen worked quite well for me. You soon progress on to battles and other challenges which are lots of fun and the more you play the better you will get.

The Uncle Milton Force Trainer II comes with a sheet detailing the science behind the Force Trainer and the force in general. This is a really interesting read as it explains all about Electroencephalography (EEG) which is the recording of brain waves. EEG devices are used study people with head injuries and to help paralysed people operate computers or electric wheelchairs.  The sheet also goes on to explain the different types of brainwaves.

As well as discussing brainwaves the sheet tells us all about Holograms and how they are used as well as how they feature in the Star Wars movies.

This is a great gadget for Star Wars fans young and old and is lots of fun to play too. Although it is a one player game we spent the evening taking it in turns which was great too. The kids were a lot better than me I have to say, maybe I am too old to be a Padawan?