Star Wars Month – Day Five – Stormtrooper Travel Mug

To be honest, you couldn’t really get a present more suited to me than something to do with Coffee, Star Wars and Travelling so this StormTrooper Travel Mug from Find Me a Gift was about as perfect as they get and I was over the moon to receive it.

Whether you are travelling to a galaxy far, far away or just taking the kids on the school run this mug will keep your brew warm and you looking cool. Plus it will save you paying a fortune for a caffeine fix at some dodgy coffee shop. The Stormtrooper Travel Mug is insulated and watertight although don’t lay it on its side whilst full. It managed to keep my coffee warm for two hours before I remembered to drink it and that is a parenting dream come true. To be fair, I think all new mums should be given an insulated travel mug on the birth of their babies so they still know what warm cups of coffee taste like.

This travel mug features the classic and iconic Stormtrooper design as well as the First Order symbol which is from the new Episode 7 film out soon.

I may normally class myself as more Jedi than Sith but my coffee is always more on the Dark Side so this mug is perfect for me!

Ok so enough geekiness and silly puns. The quality of this insulated travel mug along with the reasonable price tag and the awesome design means that this is a fabulous Christmas present and for under a tenner too!