Star Monsters Series 2 available now

Back in January at the Toy Fair, I came across Star Monsters and in February we created a video where we opened the blind bags for on youtube. Now we are pleased to announce the release of the new Star Monsters Series 2.

star monsters series 2

To celebrate the launch of Star Monsters Series 2 we were sent one of the new series 2 Starter packs, a capsule, 2 mini capsule packets and 2 packets.

The Series 2 starter pack retails at £4 and includes an album, a star monsters arena and 3 packets of Star Monsters which each include 2 Star Monsters and 2 stickers.

star monsters series 2 starter pack

The Star Monsters Arena has an arena on one side and instructions and list of available characters on the other.

The Star Monsters arena can be used to play three different games that are explained in detail. These include Duel, Capsule and the Race. Duel is played with 5 star Monsters per playing and they flick their Star Monsters at their opponents to try and knock them all down. The first player to know over all of their opponents Star Monsters over wins. Capsule is played by placing the capsule on the green circle. Players then take it in turns to throw Star Monsters into the capsule. The player with the highest score wins. Race is played by taking it in turns to place a star monster on the shoot arrow and flick it towards the points chart. You then move your character forward the number of spaces based on where they landed. The first one to the finish is the winner but you need to pay attention to some special boxes.

We opened all of the Star Monsters packets that contain two Star Monsters and two stickers in each packet. Star Monsters are stars that have fallen from the sky and take on the form of whatever it is they hit. This does mean there are some interesting characters to be found.

Star Monsters packets

We were also sent 2 Mini Capsule packets which contain 2 star monsters and 2 mini capsules as well as a large capsule which contains 2 star monsters, one of which is an evolution.

There are some fabulous characters that have been released for Series 2 and with the products, at great low pocket money prices I don’t mind that the kids want to collect even more. I look forward to seeing what future characters they create and wonder what will come next.