Sofia the first Letters make words


I love a game that has an educational value that the kids still think is fun. Sofia the First Letters make Words by Worlds apart is one of those games.

A Word making memory game you each take it in turns to spell the words on your cards by choosing a card. With Vowels on green cards, blended sounds on purple cards and basic letter sounds on the pink cards.

We did find that depending on which variation of cards we were playing that there was not enough vowels for everyone to complete their words which was a bit of a problem and if you chose a word with a blended sound then it was easy to collect that card as there were only three blended sounds sh, ch and th.

This is a great game for not only teaching the younger children letter recognition but for also supporting them as they go into the first few levels of reading and squashing the letter sounds together to make words. When Alison became bored of the game after a few rounds we then used the letter cards to write different words and looked around the room for objects to then spell out. Elizabeth enjoyed this exercise and I think the fact that these were girly letter cards made her more attentive than when we have done this with our normal cards.

A great game for preschool and early years children.