So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio

A While ago we looked at the So Slime DIY Slime Factory and the girls absolutely loved it so when I heard about So Glow DIY I thought we should give it a go. We were sent the So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio which allows you to make three light up jars.

When you first open the box and connect everything together you can see that they have really put a lot of thought into what to include. However, as a parent, I will say that adding the glitter into the tubes is harder than just tipping it out of the packet. You do get two stickers to add to the base but these are fairly large so they were not too fiddly. Everything clipped together easily and there was a place for everything.

You get three silver packets which each contain the powders, glitter, confetti pieces and surprise characters that correspond to the jars. This means that you can make jars that work well together.

As you can see above, I have shown them in their relevant piles as they come in the box. The first set is the LOVE set for the small pink jar. The second set has a space theme. Finally, the third pile has an under the water theme. Now the instructions tell you to use them in this way but my girls wanted to rebel against that. Just remember the biggest magic powder needs to be used in the large jar along with two confetti sprinkles. Each of the Jar themes also came with a set of stickers so you could decorate the outside of the jars.

The jar lids each contain LED lights that change colour. Once turned on by pressing the small button inside, these are motion activated.

To create your magic jars you fill your jar with water to the line and then place under the mixer. Adjust to the correct height. Add in the confetti, glitter and then the magic powder. Hold the jar and mix using the mixer. You can then add the surprise characters. Raise the mixer and remove the jar. Close the lid tightly (ask a grown up) and shake to ensure it is fully mixed.

Once you have done this you can decorate your jars with the stickers.

Shake your jar to activate the LED lights and watch the contents move around inside. The LEDs will automatically turn off after around 30 seconds.

The So Glow DIY Magic Jar Studio is great fun and easy to use. It is recommended for children aged 6 plus but I think as an activity that you do together you could use with a younger child. The end results look great and are something that you can keep. You can also buy So Glow DIY Magic Jar kits which contain 3 small jars that you can use with the Magic Jar Studio.