Smash and Nude Food Movers Back to School Lunch time accessories

It might just be me but I really struggle to get excited about a lunchbox. I was sent a variety of Smash and Nude Food Movers products to see if they could change my mind.

I mean do’nt get me wrong you can get some gorgeous lunchboxes but they soon end up with food in the edges and a little bit smelly. However as lunchboxes go these too are really rather nice. The bottle is BPA and PET free and it has a fantastic turn top leak proof cap. The lunch bag is insulated and wipeable inside and even has a label to write your childs name.

The lunchboxes might not have got me too excited but I have to say that the other items we were sent have. Nude Food Movers are trying to prevent excess rubbish being created for school packed lunches and with that in mind they have created a variety of fabulous storage pots.

The Nude Food Movers SnackTubes consist of three compartments that twiist together forming air tight seals. They could be used for yogurt, fruit, dried snacks, biscuits, you name it and if it was small enough you could put it inside them. The Snacktube fits in a drinks holder on a lunch box or can fit inside most standard sized insulated lunchboxes.

Next up is the Muffinmover, I absolutely hate squished cake, it is a pet hate of mine so having a container that would keep a muffin in one peace is brilliant. I might even have to start baking homemade muffins just to try it out. Obviously the container can be used for other things but it is the perfect size for a large muffin and has an air tight seal.

Something that got me really excited (I know I am sad really) was the CoolTops lunch box. The perfect size for a sandwich and with a lid that contains a freeze gel to help keep the contents colder for longer. This would be perfect on hot summer days. Just freeze the lid the night before to keep the sandwich cool all day.  We also got sent some Smash Gel Ice packs to place inside lunchboxes to keep everything cold.

The flip top Smash Kids Stealth drinks bottle has a non leak lid and is BPA and PET free.

It seems that Smash think of lovely bright coloured designs and Nude Food Movers are all about the practicalities and lack of waste. So what happens when you add the two together?
 The Nude Food Movers Rubbish free lunchpack comes complete with a mini cool skin neoprene outer and a mini rubbish free lunchbox which has separate compartments, two tubs with airtight and leak resistant lids  and a platform to separate your sandwich from your other lunch items.