smART Sketcher – making drawing easy

Alison loves art and always wants to spend her time drawing so when I heard about the new smART  sketcher projector from Character Online I knew it was something that we would have to try.

The smART Sketcher projector allows you to create amazing drawings by projecting images on to the paper from the free app or from the included activity pack content card.

The smART Sketcher is really easy to put together when it comes out of the box and is easy to take apart again for storage. I love the fact that it can go back into its box which is rare for products nowadays. To set up the smART sketcher you remove the blue projector head from the side of the white base unit. Insert it into the slot on the top of the white base until you hear a click. You then need to pull out the blue legs on the base to stabilize the projector and create a paper holder.

To start using the smART sketcher you need to either power it with the AC adapter or by using 4 D batteries. This means that the smART sketcher is great for taking with you when travelling as it doesn’t need to be plugged into the mains.


When you get the smART sketcher you receive an activity pack content card which features 50 different activities. These range from step by step drawing activities, spelling, writing and more. As the card is easy to insert and use, I hope that you will be able to buy more of these in the future.

Both Alison and Elizabeth really enjoyed using the step by step drawing instructions to bring their drawings alive and they found the controls on the front of the smART sketcher really easy to navigate. They spent hours drawing the different designs included on the activity pack content card.

It wasn’t long before they were asking for us to use the smART sketcher app to create even more designs. The app connected to the smART sketcher really easily via Bluetooth and turned our holiday photos into fantastic sketches which were then projected on to the paper.

Now I have to say that the projections of complicated images like the one above were not very clear but when we took simpler photos and close-ups they worked really well. As the app connects to your image gallery you can also download simple drawings, colouring pages or similar from free websites and use these with the projector. This really allows you to create lots of fantastic images.

The smART projector is recommended for ages 5 to 105 and I have to say that I really enjoyed having a go at creating some pictures myself. I think younger kids would be able to use this with supervision especially for early letter forming and the older children can just create more and more complex pictures as the internet provides a never-ending supply of images to project and draw.