Shopkins World Vacation Skyanna’s Shopkins Jet

If you have not heard of Shopkins yet then were have you been. Shopkins are small characters that come in a variety of themes. You can also get Shopkins Shoppie’s which are doll characters who look after the Shopkins. One of the new Shopkings toys that will be featuring on lists up and down the country this Christmas is Skyanna’s Shopkins Jet.

For ages 5 plus due to small parts the Shopkins Skyanna’s Shopkins jet comes with lots of cool accessories as well as an exclusive Skyanna Shoppies doll and 3 exclusive Shopkins which you can only get with this set.

The only thing we needed to do is to add the wings and the Shopkins Jet is ready to go.  You can see how to assemble the Jet on the bottom of the box but you literally just push the wings into place. The jet includes a pink suitcase, a food trolley, hair brush, the three Shopkins and Skyanna and her suitcase.

Inside the Shopkins Jet you will find 3 seats that are perfect for Shoppies dolls. The seat at the front can move back and forth and the two rear seats swivel around so the Shoppies can face each other if they want. The Jet is really well made and the joint on the opening door is really robust so you don’t need to worry about it popping out easily.

I did initially struggle to open it so if you are wondering how to open your Shopkins Jet without breaking it then you need to gently push at the edge of the pink underneath the window closest to the door. This releases the plastic catch and allows the lid to lift up easily. I spent ages trying to pull the roof open instead of doing this but I didnt want to snap it. Once I worked this out then it opened easily every time. To open the door I found it easier to push from the inside by putting my fingers through the front window but I was able to open it by using my nails and pulling down from the top of the door. The set doesn’t come with instructions so there wasn’t anywhere that told me how to do this.


There is also a great overhead storage unit in the roof where you can store the two suitcases.


The three exclusive shopkins that you receive with the Shopkins Jet are Captain Zoom, Fizzy Soda and Lynn Flight Meal.

The Shopkins Skyanna Jet is perfect for all of your kids Shopkins and Shoppies as they jet off on their around the world vacation and enjoy all the adventures that your kids can dream up.

Skyanna’s Jet was included in the Chosen By Kids selection at Asda which means that lots of other kids think that it is awesome too! You can see more of the Chosen by kids toys by clicking the image below.