I know from experienced what it’s like when you give your kids play dough.  Little clumps find it’s way into your nice clean carpet, playing with it once and subsequently discovering that it has dried out.  With the Skwooshi range they have tried to eliminate those common problems.  Skwooshi never dries out and doesn’t stick to the carpet. I couldn’t believe it when I read it so I put it to the test. I left some out on the side for a week and a couple of quick squishes and it was back to normal. I also, against my better judgement, let the kids put it all over the floor. It was really easy to collect back up and just required another bit of Skwooshi to do the job.

Skwooshi is wheat and gluten free, which is a benefit to those children with such allergies. it is safe to swallow and eat although I wouldn’t recommend it but you know kids are going to try so at least we can be safe in the knowledge that it isn’t going to hurt them.

We received the colour mixer set, which contains 2 storage containers, 4oz of Skwooshi, 3 shape cutters and a Skwooshi mixer.  It was really helpful to find a chart on the back of the packaging which explained how to make different colours.  The girls loved playing with this set, especially when mixing up the different colours.  We did forget to tell them though that once it’s mixed you can’t separate the Skwooshi back, which they were a little disappointed to discover until they decided to start to make different colours.

Once built into a shape Skwooshi is quite hard and stackable but simply pull it apart again and it turns lovely and soft. It is quite addictive and in the end I found myself playing with Skwooshi more than the kids.  I wasn’t making anything interesting just pulling the Skwooshi apart and watching it flow almost like corn flour.  You know a children’s product is good when adults also get enjoyment from it.