Simbrix – creative and reusable

When I was at Spring Fair earlier this year I can across Simbrix and I knew that my girls would love them. Unlike most other similar products Simbrix dont require you to use a board to create your designs which means you are able to be a bit more creative and you can reuse the beads. If you want to keep your designs then the website does state that you can iron them but I couldn’t find any instructions on how to do this.

We had loads of fun creating designs using the sheets included and by creating our own design for the DanTDM figure which Alison gave to Dan when we met him at Insomnia57. There are lots of fabulous designs that you can create and you can find some inspiration on the website as well as their social media channels.

Getting the hang on slotting the Simbrix together was easy enough but you do need to pay attention to which direction the pieces face to ensure that you can build your designs effectively.

We loved getting creative with Simbrix and we still have loads left to make other designs. I have to say that the only thing that annoyed me about Simbrix is the fact that all of the colours are mixed together but then again I am one of those people who would rather my lego came pre sorted!

Simbrix come in a variety of sizes to make them affordable for everyone and you can even buy individual colour packs which are perfect if you are wanting to make a large design that is made up of most of the same colours. You can even get some Glow in the dark Simbrix which would be great to then display in your childs bedroom. The creator kit we were sent contained 2550 simbrix and we have over half of them left although we had to open all three bags to allow me to use the black and brown that I needed.

We are looking forward to creating even more designs and we might have to try the Star Wars ones shown in the inspiration section although Elizabeth is asking me to create a My Little Pony one which might be a bit of a challenge!