Silly Spaghetti – fun, fast and intense fork spinning game

My kids first saw Silly Spaghetti on the Paul Lamond at Autumn Fair and they loved playing with it so much that I asked if we could review it.

Silly Spaghetti is for children aged 4 and above and is for two to four players. Inside the box you will find the game board in pieces and you need to assemble it and put on some stickers before you play for the first time.

The stickers are for the ingredients pegs and the dice. They are easy to apply.

You also need to place the spoons and forks on the base. These clip on easily and can be removed when you want to pack the game away back into the box.


The final set up step before you place for the first time is to connect the spaghetti string. These need to be tied on in a certain way but the instructions are really clear and easy to follow.

Once you have done this you are ready to play. Each player holds their string above the plate and then all at the same time whilst saying “silly spaghetti”. All players then insert the ingredient pegs randomly on the board whilst trying not to move any of the spaghetti strings. Once this has been done all players should twirl their forks to remove any slack from their spaghetti.

You are now ready to play. Starting with the youngest player you roll the dice and remove a corresponding ingredient. Once an ingredient has been removed all players say “spaghetti” and twirl their spaghetti again to remove any slack. Play continues until someone has removed all of their spaghetti from the board. If you roll free play this means you can choose any ingredient to remove and if you roll an ingredient that is no longer on the board then you can roll again.

Silly Spaghetti was so much fun and absolutely perfect for a family as it is easy to play and kids can learn very quickly as it is just a case of being observant. We would definitely recommend this if you like playing games as a family or if you want something easy that the kids can play together.