Shrek the Musical


Last Summer we were lucky enough to be at the Lollibop festival where we saw some of the cast from Shrek Musical perform on stage. Alison absolutely loved it so I looked into getting her tickets to go and see it at the theatre. Unfortunately they had a no under four policy which meant I couldn’t take her.

Receiving Shrek the Musical on dvd was a dream come true for her and she has loved watching it this week. In fact we all have.

The costumes, the humour, the stage sets everything about this dvd is fantastic and the songs that go with it are up beat and varied.

This is a brilliant show that any Shrek fan will love and it is a great way of introducing theatrical productions to young children and is also fantastic for adults to enjoy too. A great family dvd that will be enjoyed by everyone, well I know it is in our
house anyway.  


Absorbed in Shrek the Musical for the second time