Shaun the sheep – Shear Heat DVD

Shaun the Sheep is back and up to no good as the troublesome farmyard gang returns on DVD on 21st July 2014.  Shaun the Sheep Shear Heat follows Shaun and his pals as they get up to yet more mischief!

Complete with ten short episodes, we are welcomed back to Mossy Bottom Farm to follow Shaun, Bitzer and the rest of the gang as they embark on a series of fun-filled adventures. Including funny episodes such as Shaun the Fugitive, Bull Vs Wool and The Hang Glider the girls have really enjoyed catching up on all of the hilarious adventures that Shaun manages to find himself in . The DVD includes exciting behind-the-scenes features and a  teaser trailer for Shaun the Sheep The Movie, which is being released on February 6th 2015 plus an in-pack colouring sheet that I had to photocopy to prevent arguments.

Episodes included on this DVD:

·         Shaun the Fugitive

·         Mission Inboxible

·         The Rounders Match

·         Film Night

·         Bull Vs Wool

·         The Piano

·         The Snapshot

·         Prickly Heat

·         The Hang Glider

·         The Shadow Play

Extra Features:

·         Behind the Scenes: Rigging

·         Behind the Scenes: Animating Shaun

·         Behind the Scenes: Sheep Maintenance

·         While the Animator’s Away

·         Shaun the Sheep: Movie Teaser Trailer