Schleich Horse Club Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog

Elizabeth is a big fan of the Schleich Horse club range so when we had the opportunity to receive the new Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the dog set we couldn’t resist. We have previously reviewed the Schleich Horse Club Riding Centre and the Schleich Mobile Vet sets so we already knew that the item we would be receiving would be really good quality. This set is recommended for kids aged 5 to 12 and has a retail price of £29.99

The Hannah’s Guest Horses with Ruby the Dog set came in a few pieces but nothing too complicated. The fence panels clip together easily and the kennel lid can come on and off.  The set comes with Ruby the dog and a Mare with foal. You also get a horse blanket, apples and reins as well as a dog bandana, stick and bone for Ruby the dog.

The dog kennel is a lovely touch and really adds to Elizabeth’s collection. I love the way that all of the sets work well together and she can now play with all of her Horse Club range together.

The horse enclosure stays nice and stable thanks to the gate area with a solid base. This holds the sign for the paddock which was on the enclosed sticker sheet. The sticker sheet also included a few small stickers which you can use to decorate your set however you feel. I like the fact that they give you the freedom to get creative like this although the pressure to place stickers perfectly always gets to me with these sorts of toys and I really wish they had already been stuck on.

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