SaltRock keeping me warm and making me fabulous this winter #SaltrockSoul

I hate winter, I really feel the cold yet I dislike being in big jumpers and cardigans as I feel suffocated so what usually happens is that I freeze throughout most of the winter. Luckily for me I received a delivery last month which included a fabulous SaltRock hoody for each member of my family. Alisons and ubbys were both fur lined and thich and fluffy and Elizabeth and I had thinner, tighter hoodies. Now you make think that this meant that ours were not as warm but I was really impressed to find that it was absolutely perfect.
In fact I have even stolen Hubbys to wear around the house a few times when I am feeling particularly chilly (I refuse to put the heating on during the day when it is just me at home!).

Although not the correct blue for school Elizabeth has been wearing hers to school to keep warm as she hates the school jumpers and mine has become almost a second skin and I seem to be wearing it nearly all of the time, except when it needs washing. See I even wore it to LaplandUK where it was able to keep me warm when on the ice with the girls.

If you know of the SaltRock brand you may think of golden sand and radical waves but it isnt all surf gear and I have been really impressed with the winter products and I have even added a few to my Christmas list! At the moment there is 10% off your first order too.