Russell Hobbs helping me in my fight against my fat

So I am well and truly focused on losing weight and getting fit but I am not following a fad diet or joining a slimming club instead I am following a fail safe principle, Eat Less and Move more.

Now that doesn’t mean I can stuff my face with whatever I fancy, after all there is no point going to the gym for hours on end if I am just going to fill my face with cream cakes but I will be eating what I fancy in moderation.

For now I will be using a few trusty gadgets to ensure that the food I do eat is cooked in a healthy way.

I have been sent a Russell Hobbs Purifry and a soup & blend to try out and I have to say I am enjoying the simplicity.

The Purifry has been a savour for a quick treat of homemade wedges or chips however the best meal had to be this super quick and very tasty chicken kebab. I just marinated the chicken and cooked it in the purifry for 20 minutes.

The Soup & Blend has also been fantastic but I have not quite got to grips with making my own soups and have been disappointed with my recipes so far, although the Soup & Blend does make it very easy to do. I will be experimenting more with these too handy gadgets and using them over the coming months to make 2015 a healthier one.