Rory’s Story Cubes – Moomin

I have been a huge fan of Rory’s story cubes since the very first time I came across them and seeing them appear in a variety of licenses has really increased their appeal. I loved Moomins as a child so I couldn’t resist accepting Rory’s story cubes Moomin cubes to review.

Rory's Story Cubes in a box

The Rory’s story cubes Moomin set comes with nine cubes and a blue moulded plastic case to keep them safe.

moomin Rory's Story Cubes in a box

With nine dice each with six different designs, the stories you can create are endless and if you are not sure what the symbols mean or what the characters names are you can use the included sheet to help you.

The concept of Rory’s story cubes is really simple, you roll the dice and use the images displayed to create a story. This is good for grown up and adults and could also be used in an educational setting to help children learn how to put together a story using a variety of objects.  It can be played by yourself or as a group .

Using the nine images shown you can easily create a story that children will love such as this one using the images on the dice shown above.

“Once upon a time Little My  was walking through the forest when she thought she saw some watching eyes hidden in the trees. The leaves rustled as though blown by the wind but she had checked the barometer that morning and it said that it would be a still day. Little My had decided to get together with her friends to set off some fireworks and tell stories around the campfire. MoominTroll was helping Little My find the perfect place that had a big hill for tobogganing, a river for sailing the boat and a lovely flat area to set up the tent. They came across the perfect location and all of a sudden out of the bushes jumped all of their friends with picnics, sleeping bags and marshmallows on sticks ready for an amazing evening of friendship and laughter.”

I really recommend Rory’s story cubes for kids and grown-ups and think that you can come up with some amazing stories without too much effort!