Reef 2 High Tide


We really enjoyed the first Reef film so when we heard that the second one was due out on DVD we jumped at the chance to review it.

Its been a long time coming with the original Reef film coming out in 2006. I bought the girls the dvd of this a year or so ago and they have enjoyed watching it countless times. It is great to see the Reef 2 pick up from where the prequel left off but you will need to have watched the first film to completely understand the back story.

Reef 2 sees Pi fight off Troy the shark and save the Reef all over again but this time all of his friends from the Reef help him out by finding their own talents.

Not every fish can command the power of the sea but even the smallest fish has a talent that can help
protect the Reef and Pi soon comes to that realisation that fish-fu is not that only way to fight the sharks.

We loved watching this film as a family and it kept the girls interest from start to finish.

The DVD is available from 17th February