Puppy in my pocket soft carrier and blind bags

After our last review of Puppy in my pocket Elizabeth has become slightly obsessed with collecting the miniature figures. With more than 100 to collect this is no small feat so when we were asked if we wanted to review the puppy in my pocket soft carrier and blind bags I couldn’t say no.

puppy in my pocket selection

The Puppy in my pocket soft carrier set comes with four puppies and there are 3 different types to collect. Retailing at around £13 this is a really good price as it means the carrier only costs £3 (as each puppy is £2.49).

puppy in my pocket bag

puppy in my pocket puppies with bag

The carrier is made out of clear coloured plastic and won’t last a long time but is a great way to carry around a variety of puppy in my pocket figures. As you can see which figures you are getting it means that the kids won’t be disappointed with which puppy they receive.

puppy in my pocket blind bags

The Puppy in my pocket blind bags are a great pocket money toy but as with all blind bags, it can lead to disappointment if you end up with duplicate figures. There are over 100 characters to collect including some ultra rare glittery puppies but we have yet to find one of them yet. Elizabeth loves ticking off which puppies she has from the included sheet and likes the fact they all have the names and breeds next to them so she can learn about the different types of dogs too. The puppy figures are super cute and really strokable and each one looks like it is full of character which Elizabeth absolutely loves.

puppy in my pocket puppies

I loved Puppy in my pocket as a kid so it is great to see the brand gaining popularity again and I can’t wait for Kitty in my pocket to be released later on in the year.