Project MC2 Dolls – making geek cool

We first saw Project MC2 in the summer at a Netflix event and although we got to take home one of the dolls on the day the girls really wanted to get their hands on the dolls with their accessories too.

With four characters to choose from each with an experiment or accessory related to their personality the girls were very excited to get these out of the box. Alison loves Camryn’s Skateboard and disappearing blue print papers whereas Elizabeth really likes Bryden’s glow stick necklace however they are both wanting to have a go at Adrienne’s Volcano . Project MC2 has made being geeky cool and the dolls are good quality although I would like to see a bit more meat on their bones. Although the faces are representative of tween/teen girls the bodies show fully developed cleavage and hip bones. I also don’t see the need for the hot pants (although they do wear leggings underneath) and the short skirts. Its such as shame as their clothes are all different and make them out to be individuals but they have really missed the chance to make different body types acceptable too.

Project MC2 dolls are going in the right direct and I hope that they continue to make science cool. Unfortunately there is only three episodes of Project MC2 currently available but we are keeping our eye out for more.