Postman Pat’s delivery van

June 10, 2013 Off By Laura TMOT
Postman Pat
Postman Pat
Postman Pat
with no black and white cat!

We received the Postman Pat Classic Van by Character Options to review and I have to say it brings back so many memories of being a child.

Recently Postman Pat has started to do a Special Delivery Service which seemed to have removed the nostalgia for me but this classic van is just that. With doors that open (although they can be a bit fiddly) and even two parcels to deliver, the van has everything you could possibly need except Jess.

I can’t quite work out why Jess is not included because there is even a space on the front seat for her. Jess only seems to come with the Motorbike which is a bit disappointing but to be fair at least we had Pat as some of the other vehicles don’t include him either.

The Classic van is only £9.99 so it really good value for such a well made toy and it has been squirrelled away by Alison so is obviously a hit in this house.