Poppit Pop ‘n’ display bakery – easy to make, fantastic to look at.

I am not a fan of craft products. I am about as creative as a teaspoon so if it requires me to use my imagination and get my creative juices flowing I wouldn’t usually allow it into my house. Unfortunately for me, Alison loves crafts so when we got invited to review the Poppit pop ‘n’ display bakery set I went against my better judgement because it looked like something that she would enjoy.

Poppit bakery box
When I opened the box I was a bit overwhelmed with all of the pieces, however a quick look at the instructions and it all became clear.

poppit bakery box open

The Poppit set comes with three different types of moulds which are in three different colours. This makes it easy for the kids to know how to use each one as some have to be placed on the Poppit before using the clay and some have to be filled with clay before being attached to the Poppit.

Poppet contents open

The Poppit set we were sent comes with four packets of Air dry clay that is easy to mould and comes in four different colours. You also get four air tight containers to keep the clay from drying out although, to be honest, the girls used all of the clay in one sitting so these were not really needed. The set does say it makes 12 models but the girls managed 18 so we really can’t complain about the quantity and with all of the added decorations such as fruits, sprinkles, glitter gel, and candles they all look fantastic too.

poppit air dry clay
Making the models using the air dry clay was really easy but we did find that the Poppit accessory wasn’t always successful and sometimes it was easier to use our fingers to remove the clay from the moulds. This didn’t detract from the activity though and the girls spent ages working together to create their cakes, donuts and tarts.

I love the fact that you have a variety of ways to display your creations including the take out box, fridge, chiller cabinet and cake stand. This really added an extra dimension to the set and meant that it wasn’t just about the creation of the desserts as it meant that when they were dry the girls were able to play with them as well.

Poppet cake stand
The Poppit set was really well received, full of creativity, allowed the girls to make up their own designs and gave them lots of scope to play. Our only criticism is that there was not enough air dry clay for them to play with the set again. However, you can buy refills which I have been told I need to do sooner rather than later!

Poppit Donut

The whole Poppit range can be purchased from www.character-online.co.uk

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