POOKI – the new generation of interactive pet

POOKI is a fun pet that uses the latest artificial emotion technology that listens to you and responds with one of many expressions – happy, confused and even shocked. POOKI loves to be petted and may get upset if you stop.

The more you play with POOKI the more it will interact with you – giving you presents, animal friends and even sharing adventures. POOKI has a screen for a face that shows words, expressions and more. You can pet POOKI on its head and feed her by pressing the heart-shaped button on POOKI’s back. Each time you do this, POOKI will be sent a new food and will show you if she likes it or not, there are 55 different foods to try.

POOKI sends you presents and takes you on animated adventures the more you play together. There are 40 presents to collect and lots of animal friends to meet and adventures to go on. POOKI will also change its expressions, sometimes it will be cool with sunglasses and sometimes it could even turn its face into a fishbowl.

You can also download the POOKI app which allows you to replay your adventures, check out your animal friends or send POOKI food of your choice. You don’t need the app but it certainly adds an extra dimension to play.

POOKI takes 4 x AAA batteries and is suitable for ages 5 plus. POOKI has an ON/OFF switch.