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When I was at the Toy Fair in January I saw a lot of people wandering around with random pom poms stuck on them. Eventually I found the source of the pom poms when I visited the Character Options stand. Pom Pom WOW is the new craft that allows you to decorate anything and everything in pom poms using pom pom pellets and glue dots. The pellets come in different colours and are made from wool surrounded by a plastic sleeve. There is a dot on one end which is where you place the glue dot. You then put the glue dot on to a surface and pull off the plastic sleeve to create a pom pom.

Pom Pom Wow, Review

We were sent the Pom Pom WOW decoration station which included 75 Pom Poms in 4 different colours, 85 glue dots and everything we need to create our very own pom pom designs.

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Inside the box you will find everything stored separately but if you open up the storage bag it is easy to put everything in its place using the instructions provided.

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The Decoration Station can be used flat or you can use it like an Easel and open the Easel leg on the back.

PomPom Wow, Review


The decoration station includes 4 different ways to customise your pom poms. You get 2 markers, one glitter glue, 4 stamp inks and 4 water based paints. They each produced a different effect on the pom poms. I found that the stamp ink produced the best result immediately, that the water based paints produced darker results but they need to dry before being turned in to pom poms.

We found that the stamp ink had the most immediate and eye catching effect but the paint produced a darker result but needed to be left to dry for a few hours before being turned in to Pom Poms. We used all four decoration techniques to create the pom poms on the frame below and it produced some fabulous results.

PomPom Wow, Review,

The decoration station is easy to use and the instructions are details and clear with illustrations and written details.

When you have finished creating your pom poms it is easy to fold up the decoration station and store it away for another day. As well as the decoration station you can get pom pom WOW in a variety of packets and refills with different creative projects to complete.

PomPom Wow Decoration Station, Review

If you want to learn more about Pom Pom WOW why not join the twitter party on Tuesday 31st May between 5:30-6:30pm by following the hashtag #PomPomWOW

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Available in all large toyshops or online at www.character-online.com from 28th May

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