Pokemon Energy Battle Arena


Let your little Pokemon trainers get ready for battle with the Pokemon Battle Arena.  An electronic playset that has coloured LED’s and lots of different sounds to help bring Pokemon battles to life.  In the box you will receive the Battle Arena, 3 Pokemon X & Y figurines, 3 attack tags to fit inside the scoreboard and 2 battle shields.

Play with a friend or play against the computer.  Quick Play mode let’s little Pokemon trainers practice their moves, which will stand them in good stead when taking on other players in Battle Play mode.  Learn to time your attacks and understand the different Pokemon types for their strengths and weaknesses.

The battle arena was so much better than I expected. Once I had read and understood the instructions it was basically a game of reflexes and pitting the right character type against each other
. It is a really sturdy play surface and the LED’s in the top surface show you who won and also the battle as it is happening. The girls played with it the correct way but they also used it as an imaginative play surface and acted out their own pokemon battles and conversations.

There are 17 figures to collect so you can mix up battles but the Battle Arena can hold up to 12 figures during play.  The LED display will determine a clear winner each time.  The Attack base will hold most Pokemon figures.


We received two different poke balls for the girls to play with.

Alison immediately loved the clip and go poke ball which clips on to her trousers and holds a few pokemon characters which she can then take with her wherever she goes.

Elizabeth loved the catch n return poke ball which used pull back technology to then drive forward knocking the pokemon of its stand and into the ball. It took a bit of practice but she was soon able to catch them every time which really added to her enjoyment.

With so many fabulous Pokemon toys the girls really were overwhelmed with so much choice but by having so many it really allowed them to use their imaginations and get into the stories behind the different characters. It also brought back so many memories from my childhood and I loved playing with charmeleon who was my all time favourite character!