Playdoh Cranky the Octopus

It seems that no matter how old my girls get they will always enjoy playing with Playdoh. We have recently been sent the new Playdoh Cranky the Octopus set where you create the Octopus legs by turning the handle on the side.

You need to assemble Cranky the Octopus but this was easy to put together. You just need to click the yellow part into the green base. Cranky the Octopus the sits in the top of the yellow base.

The Playdoh Cranky the Octopus set includes 5 pots of playdoh, a roller, a dolphin cutter, crab scissors, a fish mould, a treasure chest mould and a clamshell ring mould. We love the fact that each of the accessories is sea themed. The treasure chest allows you to make coins or gems depending on whether you use the mould in the top or the bottom of the chest.

The base that Cranky the Octopus sits on has lots of moulds that you can use to make a variety of sea-themed shapes.  There are shells, seaweed, coral and a variety of sea creatures to make which means you can create the perfect sea scene with all of your creations.

To create the playdoh Cranky legs you need to remove the Octopus body from the base. Place some playdoh in the hole in the top of the yellow base and add the Octopus body.

Turn the handle and the Playdoh will start to come out of the holes in Cranky’s body. The more playdoh you place in the space the longer the legs will be. We placed two different colours of Playdoh in the base which helped to create some awesome multicoloured legs.

We really enjoyed playing with the Playdoh Cranky the Octopus set and would definitely recommend it for kids who love to get creative.

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