Play-Doh kitchen creations sprinkle cookie surprise

Although Alison is now 9 years old she still loves getting creative with Play-doh so she was really excited to receive the Play-Doh Kitchen creations sprinkle cookie surprise set. Suitable for ages 3 plus the set comes with a fantastic 12″ high food tower which can rain sprinkles on your creations as you turn the handle.

The Play-Doh Kitchen creations sprinkle cookie surprise set contains 5 Play-doh pots, 5 cookie cutters, rolling pin, cookie rolling stamper, frosting tool, frosting knife, rolling cutter, 2 plates and 2 creation cards.

The five cookie cutters include a heart, square, star, flower and circle shape but you can also create shapes using the cookie rolling stamper or up the sides of the food tower.

The creation cards contain four designs to help kids to learn different techniques and start to get creative.

The Play-doh food tower also has lots of designs built in so that you can use them to create more designs.  The food tower creates fantastic sprinkles by removing the handle, filling the top with Play-doh and then turning the handle. This also turns the tower so you can have a carousel of cookies.

The ability to get really creative with the Play-Doh Kitchen creations sprinkle cookie surprise set really inspired both of my girls and they created some cookies that looked good enough to eat.

The Play-Doh Kitchen creations sprinkle cookie surprise set is a fairly low priced set that offers really good value and one that we will definitely recommend.