Plasticine of all shapes and sizes

I have always loved Plasticine, I think it is the smell, it reminds me of being a child and creating whatever my heart desired. Flair sent us a huge Plasticine Haul to show the different sizes and sets that you can get now.

Animal Creations – £5.45 on Amazon

This small pocket money set comes with 12 different colours of plasticine and the plastic pieces you need to make on 3D animal model. Using small amounts of plasticine you can decorate your animal in which ever colours you choose.
My only issue with this set is that the animal pieces are so big that to make the body of the animal I had to squash together all of the other colours in the pack. This them didnt look as nice as I would have hoped but Alison enjoyed it anyway.

TMNT Squidgems £1.49

We love these and have had a few now from party bags or goodie bags when I have been to an event. They are a great pocket money toy that gives real satisfaction. Using the plasticine, card decorations and the simple instructions it is easy to make your very own TMNT.

Various sized Plasticine sets

In our haul were also three sets of Plasticines in a variety of sizes and colours.

The biggest set was the FunTubulous set with has a RRP of £6.99. It comes with 7 extra large sticks of Plasticine and four small shaped cutters. As it comes in a plastic tub it is also great for storing the Plasticine after use which is always a problem.

Next we got the 24 colour max set which has a RRP of £2.99. It contains 24 small plasticine rectangles in a variety of shades. The great thing about plasticine is that you can mix it together to create different colours and this set is the perfect one to use if teaching children about how colours are made.

Finally we received the Basix set which has a RRP of 99p. It contains 6 flat rectangular sheets of plasticine in various colours. This is the format that I remember so much from my childhood and I used to love ripping it into strips before creating some masterpieces.

We had great fun getting creative with our Plasticine. Check out this Youtube Haul video to see us in action.