Pink Parcel – Making me feel special when I need it most

As a women I sometimes feel the need to be pampered and loved. This need is usually stronger every 28 days.

Yep you guessed it and if you didn’t you more than likely don’t need to keep reading this post.

The lovely people from Pink Parcel have come up with a solution. Each month they will send you the feminine hygiene product of your choice (a great selection) and a small parcel of wonderful things for you to try.

I selected my favourite brand of tampons and whether I am heavy or light and they sent me some in a lovely discreet bag for my handbag and two boxes for when those run out.

They also sent me a small box full of things to make me feel good. Now this part of the parcel changes each month and I am very interested to see what will be in next months parcel.

Pink Parcels are a monthly subscription with your first parcel costing £5.95 and subsequent parcels costing £9.95. Pink Parcel recently launched a teen-only version, Teen Parcel, designed especially for girls between the ages of 11 and 17, featuring brands such as Teapigs, Flamingo candles, Yardley and Binky London.

The concept is cool but the actual product is awesome and the whole thing is a great treat to yourself at a time of the month when you really need it.