Pie Face Sky high – a hilarious family game

We loved the original Pie Face game and have played with it loads since we first reviewed it. We also played with Pie Face Showdown but preferred the original. Well now there is a new Pie Face game to play and Pie Face Sky High does not disappoint.

Suitable for children aged 5 and over. Pie Face Sky High is a cross between the original game and a carnival hammer game. To play the game you need to spend a few minutes putting the game together.

To play, each player spins the spinner. The player who spins the highest goes first. Pick a player to look through the mask and face the throwing arm. Spin the spinner. The colour you land on picks the difficulty level and the number dictates how many swings you can get. Change the difficulty on the base to match the colour on the spinner and swing the hammer the number of times you spun.

If you manage to pie your opponent you get a point and the player who got pied gets a turn. If you don’t pie your opponent your turn ends and the player who escaped the pie gets a turn. The first player to get to 3 wins.

The game is over 3ft high but if you are taller than this then it is worth placing a chair behind the game or placing the game on a small table to save you bending down.
If you don’t want a really messy game then you could use a wet sponge instead of whipped cream but where is the fun in that!

Remember the game does not include whipped cream so you will need to purchase that separately.

We have loved playing all of the different Pie Face games but Pie Face Sky High is definitely our new favourite family game.