Pet Parade Family Scooter playset

We have reviewed a few Pet Parade products in the past, including the Pet Parade Kitty Garden which we loved, so we had high hopes for the Pet Parade Family Scooter set that we were sent last month.


The Pet Parade Family Scooter Playset that we were sent comes with a dad dog and child dog, two scooters, two helmets, a lead, a childs backpack and a dummy.


As with all Pet Parade characters they can be controlled using the circle on their backs which enables you to move their head and push them in the direction that you would like them to do. They also have magnetic points in their mouths and tails which means that the pup can follow its parent by attaching the nose magnet on the pup to the tail magnet of the parent. You can also make them kiss which is pretty cute too.


The accessories that come with this set are mostly basic molded plastic pieces. The helmets and backpack just clip on and the dummy has a magnet on it as does the lead.


When all put together the set does look very cute but I found that actually putting the Pet Parade family on the scooters was harder than it looked. The scooters had ridges which are designed to slot near the back wheel and there is a clip at the front which should fit around the collar and hold the Pet Parade character in place. Unfortunately, I had real difficulty attaching this clip to the Dad as it just did not want to hold the collar. This meant that when I attached the lead to push them along the Dad dog kept falling off the scooter. He was fine if going in a straight line but not if I was turning a corner. Now this could just be the one I was sent as I have read a few other reviews and this has not been mentioned.


Even with this little niggly issue the rest of the set was great and the addition of the smaller Pet Parade character was something that Elizabeth absolutely loved. The puppy certainly looks cute when it has its dummy and backpack on.


If your kids love Pet Parade then I am sure they will love this set too but for me, it wasn’t as good as some of the other ones we have played with. Check out the whole range at

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