Personalised Christmas Cards


I love personalised gifts, I think they say “I went to extra effort to get you this” and that is never a bad thing. My problem is that this year eight of my nieces and nephews have opted for money. Yes it will be going towards something they love but it doesn’t give me the joy or satisfaction that comes with watching them opening a present.

A great way round that is to give them the money in personalised cards. A card based on their loves in life whether that is a tv program, a football team or a celebrity. I was given £25 to spend on the website and although they do calendars as well as cards I decided that with so many nieces and nephews this could be a great way to get them something a little different.

Here is a picture (all be it a bit of a blurry picture) showing six of the nine cards I bought. I can’t show the others as they might read my blog and spoil the surprise! The standard cards are 22cm x 16cm which is a lovely size and they cost £2.79 including postage. I was able to get nine cards for my £25 and only had to pay a few pennies extra which was fantastic.

The cards are really good quality and the selection is
really good with something for everyone although I would love to see some Disney licensed cards in there too which would suit my two girls.

The cards are brilliant and with same day delivery dispatch it can get you out of some sticky situations when you forget to buy someone a birthday card.