Perfect place to rest at Premier Inn


Being a blogger has its perks and when I mentioned to some pr friends of mine that I needed a place to stay the night before we flew to Disneyland Paris they were happy to help.

Having a hotel close to the airport was really important to us as we had a six o’clock flight which unfortunately meant that we couldn’t sample the hotel breakfast but with close proximity to the airport it was exactly what we needed.

The family room managed to hold two single beds and our king sized bed comfortably although there was not much room between the beds. This wasn’t a problem though, after all we were only sleeping in the room not living in it.


The bathroom was brilliant with a powerful shower, towels included and hair and body wash available on the wall. There was also hand wash by the sink. I love the fact they use refillable dispensers as it reduces waste and keeps things sanitary.

The room had a great wide screen tv on the wall that had a brilliant selection of channels so after our showers we settled down for some relaxing tv before bed.

Taking about the beds, the mattresses were extremely comfortable but what made it better for me was the choice of pillows. I love big squishy pillows but find that some are too soft and some are just too hard. The wrong pillow can keep me up a lot at night but with one soft and one hard pillow I was able to sleep like a log. Which is surprising seen as I had to get up ridiculously early and I had three other bodies in the room.

The Premier Inn was a fantastic place to stay, it was clean, comfortable and most of all it offered a good nights sleep. What more could I want?