Peppa Pig Weebles Pull Along Wobbily train 

Peppa Pig Weebles are suitable for children from 18 months+ and start with the robust sturdy roly-poly figures that everyone knows and loves from the heritage Weebles brand.

I absolutely loved Weebles as a young child and it is one of those toys from my child hood that I am really glad are making a come back. We received the Peppa Pig Weebles Pull Along Wobbily train to review as
thanks to Character Options there’s a brand new way for tots to enjoy Peppa and all of her friends, as all the favourite characters wobble into the playground with a new collection of Weebles playsets. Also available are the Wobbily Car and the wind and wobble playhouse.

My only disappointment with the playsets is that they all come with Peppa Pig. They are all slightly different but it would have been good if for example Grandpa Pig came with the train and Daddy Pig came with the car. As a parent I know that if I child enjoys a toy we would be more likely to buy more of the playsets but we wouldnt really need three Peppa Pigs and this would put me off slightly. However this seems to be a recurring problem that I come against with toys like this. You can also buy some of the Peppa Pig Weeble characters separately for a retail price of £4.99.

As with any of the Character Options Peppa Pig toys the train and figure are very well made
and easy for little hands to use. The wheels on the train give it a slight wobbily movement which really gets Peppa Pig jiggling around much to the hilarity of my young nephew.

It is great to see the kids enjoying a toy that is so reminiscent of my own childhood. Alison has been enjoying trying to knock Peppa down after I explained that Weebles wibble and wobble but never fall down
she just didnt believe me and found it so funny when Peppa Pig kept popping back up again.

A great toy range that will please any fan of Peppa Pig.