Pearldrops Hollywood smile

Ok so I definitely wont be smiling for hollywood but I got sent some of this to review and some to giveaway as prizes on my tombola. If you read my blog post A to Z of me you would know that if I could change any physical attribute it would be my teeth, they are not straight or even almost straight they are a mess, and I used to smoke and I drink more coffee than could ever be considered healthy so I have yellow teeth. Thankfully I always smile with my mouth shut so there is not much evidence of this fact.

I have been using the Pearldrops Hollywood smile for 4 weeks now and I am amazed at the difference in the colour, my teeth were at number 8 on their chart and they are now almost at number 2, I say almost because I still drink too much coffee to be healthy and it does seem to have a bad effect on my teeth.  It promises 4 shades whiter in 3 weeks but I would say if your teeth are really bad like mine were you will see an even better result. To think I was considering laser whitening not long ago, I am so glad that I didnt. If you are thinking about it and you dont believe me what harm would it do to buy this toothpaste and give it ago its less than £5 and it will be one of the best £5’s you have every spent especially if it saves you the money of having laser whitening.

My teeth are now a lovely almost white colour, they are still wonky though so no picture 🙂

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