Pearl Drops


For the last few weeks I have been using Pearl Drops toothpaste in the battle against yellow stains on my teeth. As a lover of coffee I am always disgusted at just how yellow my teeth can get so I was interested to see what Pearl Drops toothpaste could do.

I was sent two different types of Pearl Drops and opted to use the Ultimate Whitening Pearl Drops first. Using the colour chart on the side of the packet I was shocked to see that my teeth were rated as 11. The Ultimate whitening toothpaste promises up to 4 shades whiter in 3 weeks whilst the instant white toothpaste promises up to 2 shades whiter in 1 week.

I was after a more profound result so rather than a quick fix I opted for a longer period of time. I am really impressed that I now have teeth measuring a 7 on the scale and I am going to keep going too.

The one thing I love about this toothpaste is that it is not chalky or too strong tasting like other whitening toothpastes I have tried and by giving you the chart on the box you can really see the difference it makes.