Outdoor Toys – Wubble ball

I first saw the amazing Wubble ball at the Toy Fair in January and then again at the Gadget Show.  It’s a giant bubble-like ball that is inflated using the included pump (you need to insert batteries).


Each box contains the pump, the Wubble, instructions and a plastic measuring tape that ensures you inflate the Wubble correctly. You can also buy wubble ball refills which come without the pump.


 Wubble is popular with adults and children and we had loads of fun playing with it in the garden. As well as bouncing it we also enjoyed seeing how high we can throw it into the air.

I can imagine Wubble ball would be fantastic at a festival bouncing over the crowd. In fact, Wubble is just fantastic tactile fun. It is hard to describe what Wubble feels like or is even made off, but I would highly recommend you get one for some fun of your very own.