Outdoor Mandala Designer by Ravensburger

The Outdoor Mandala Designer by Ravensburger is a fabulous stencil available in a few different designs. We received the Romantic Garden stencil which includes images of birds, frogs, flowers, fish and dragon flies to name but a few.

My girls were not very adventurous when they had a chance to play with it on one of our very rare days and they used the 6 chalks provided to stencil a design on the floor.  I love allowing the kids to do art outdoors and have always encouraged them to use chalks to draw on the pavement, the mandala designer just encourages that even more and allows them to be artistic and really see their pictures in a whole new way.
They used it to create the whole design and also individual images on our patio. Elizabeth loved the fact she was able to create this dragon fly and she said it was because the stencil made her draw better. I love the confidence it gave her and she carried on for quite sometime which is unusual as when doing anything creative she usually gets bored quickly.
Unfortunately we have not had many sunny or dry days up here in Manchester so we have not had a chance to use it very much but I look forward to showing the girls  how to create even better designs and repeating patterns by turning the stencil. The booklet included shows how to make five fantastic designs and there are so many amazing patterns and pictures that you can make I think I am going to need some more chalks as the ones included will soon run out.