Creative Kits from Character Options – Oonies and Orbeez Wowzers

Alison is a huge fan of the creative kits from Character Options and couldn’t wait to get hands-on with the Oonies and Orbeez wowzers set that we were sent a few weeks ago. We have had the Oonies starter kit in the past but she left the clear Oonies chamber on the floor of her bedroom one day and I stood on it!

If you don’t know Oonies, they are small balloons that you inflate using the Oonies inflator. You can then use the accessories to create a variety of different characters and designs. They are suitable for ages 5 plus and it is really good fun. The Oonies starter kit comes with lots of pieces to create your designs and you can also buy refill packs which allow you to create even more fantastic characters.

Now we love Orbeez in our house but we have never seen the Orbeez Wowzers before. These are fun new collectables which contain a surprise character inside. They retail at around £5.99 and have a wrapper that prevents you from seeing inside. Once unwrapped you have a globe type structure filled with clear Orbeez. You can just about see the character inside but it still isn’t clear who you have.

To reveal your Orbeez Woszer surprise magical pet you need to take the lid of the top and remove the foil to reveal a grid as shown in the photo below. Place the lid back on and remove the water cap.

Now fill your Orbeez Wowzers with water and see your character magically appear.

Alison loved the fact that the character magically appeared when you added water and you can also spin them around so it looks like they are swimming. Drain the water out again and they disappear behind the clear orbeez. There are lots of different characters to collect and even some a super rare surprise pet.

Character Options have lots of different creative kits to keep kids busy when the weather keeps you indoors. including ORBMolecules which are my favourite. You can find out more about the Character Options creative kits and enter competitions on the website.

For more information about these sets visit Both Oonies Starter set and Orbeez Wowzers are available from Smyths and Argos.