Ooh a chance for some me time

When Visionary Soap company said they would donate to my tombola I was really happy but when they said they would send me some products to review I was so excited. I have known about the visionary soap company for a few years now and they helped me out with a donation to give to some new mums that I was working with when Alison was still a bump in my belly.

Not only does the company have good ethics but they have good tastes in smells, up until this set of products my favourite was Lemongrass but that all changed when I was sent a bar of Cinnamon, orange and clove soap (which is currently in the ensuite shower so the kids cant get it) They also sent me a set of bath melts in geranium (not my favourite as a bit flowery) and Lavender (perfect after a hard day). They melt like butter into the water and make your skin feel all silky smooth, they also contain bits of flowers in them so the bath looks lovely. One hint though dont wash your hair when using one of these as I found bits of lavendar in mine the next day.

It comes in a lovely little box so makes a great gift for someone too.

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