Og on the Bog by Drumond Park

Its an Ogre on the Toilet, what else is there to love really. I first saw Og on the Bog at the Toy Fair in January and although it was only a prototype I knew that my girls would love it. Og is bad tempered and pretty foul too is his toilet noises are anything to go by and this is exactly what kids everywhere will love him. Toilet humour is the best thing since sliced bread as far as kids are concerned and Og on the Bog is all about the toilet.
The game is recommended for ages 5 plus and is for two to four players. It is really simple to play using the spinner which tells you whether you have to attempt to take a loo roll, put one back or take one from another player.  The winner is the first person to collect 4 (or 3 if 4 players) loo rolls.

Try not to let Og hear you though as you will have to miss a turn and watch out for his massive farts which cause his toilet to explode as that means you lose two of your loo rolls.

This is another fabulous game from Drumond Park that is fast paced and fun for all the family yet simple enough for the kids to play by themselves.