Novi Stars Inferno Dolls


Ina Ferna and Anne Arctic

The Novi stars have always been an interesting concept and I fell in love with them last year at Christmas in July. The idea that a fashion doll did not have to have big boobs, no belly and long legs up to their armpits was a new thing.

Each Novi star has its own special feature from Light Up hair in Ina Ferna to snow globe type legs in Anne Arctic they match the character of the doll perfectly. Novi Stars come in lots of different varieties with hair play ones available in the form of Curls and Coil and lots of other fashion dolls available too.

The legs and arms pop on and off the dolls easily to aid with dressing and undressing and the comb that comes with them goes through the hair easily without pulling clumps of it out.

I think the attention to detail on the dolls is fantastic and the makeup, eye lashes and clothing are all really well done.

Definitely a hit in our house and we will be looking to add more to the collection now the girls are old enough to want to play with this sort of thing more. Elizabeth has also loved playing on the games on the Novi stars website.