Nickelodeon Slime Station

Are your kids as obsessed with slime as mine are? Alison loves slime of all types but what she loves most is making her own slime. We were recently gifted the Nickelodeon Slime Station and some super stretchy slime pots by Sambro.

The Nickelodeon Slime Station allows you to make 10 different varieties of slime.  In the box, you will receive 10 slime activators, 3 orange slime sachets, 3 green slime sachets, 2 blue slime sachets and 2 pink slime sachets. You also receive two different types of balls, 5 glitters and 4 different types of sprinkles. You also receive 3 empty slime pots, a slime shaker, a cup, a funnel and 3 empty tubes. You will also get a tray to store some of the items in.

To mix the slime you need to add water, activator and slime powder to the shaker and shake for 2 minutes before leaving it to rest for 10 minutes. You will then need to mix it by hand and add any sprinkles, glitter or balls.

The Nickelodeon Slime Station slime is not very runny and Alison said it is more like putty than slime which I definitely prefer as it doesn’t stick to your hands as much.

The fact that you can make 10 different slimes makes this a great set to purchase although I am not sure why they bothered with the tray as it can’t hold everything and it isn’t really needed. It would have been better to have more airtight containers that would allow the kids to store the slime or even a couple of shakers so they can make more than one at a time. My only other criticism is that it asks for a very specific amount of water yet it doesn’t provide a way to measure this.

If you kids like making slime then there are definitely a lot worse sets available and the Nickelodeon Slime Station provides high quality ingredients in an easy to use set that produces great quality slime.

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  1. Thanks for what you have been able to tell us and the pictures. Kids seem to have no instructions, no mixer, no tray. Just cardboard box, 3 activator packets, 7 slime packets and 1 glitter packet. I can substitute for missing containers and mixer cup. Mixing random amounts of the various ingredients has been unsucessful. Can you tell me how much water per slime packet? I can measure accurately, I just need to know required quantities. How much activator fluid per slime packet?

    Grandpa Paul

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