Nick Baker’s Butterfly world by Interplay

Back in May we were sent Nick Baker’s Butterfly world by Interplay. The plan was to use the enclosed pot, net and paint brush to collect some caterpillar eggs or small caterpillars. Unfortunately that plan was not very successful near us so instead we sent off for some baby caterpillars.

The five tiny caterpillars arrived in a small tub which contained a special feed to help them grow. 
The tiny caterpillars soon grew and whilst we were on holiday they formed into their chrysalis stage. 
Thankfully we came back when we did as within a few hours of coming home the very first butterfly emerged from its Chrysalis. In the last 24 hours we have watched as three more butterflies have broken out of their chrysalis. We still have one yet to change. Unfortunately one of the butterflies has had some issues after its Chrysalis was knocked off the paper by one of the other butterflies and we do not expect it to survive as it has not full shed its chrysalis and its wings do not look to have formed fully. Although this is sad it has helped the girls to understand how fragile they are.
We have loved seeing the life cycle of the butterflies and it has been really fun and educational for the girls to watch. We have included this into our home education and looked at books that help support this subject with the obvious inclusion of the Hungry Caterpillar.

We will definitely be looking at some more My Living World products. I know the girls are interested in the worm world after we saw a wormery featured on Curious George!