Nerf Rebelle Range


Having worked in an office full of nerf guns I always felt as though there was something missing. Something femine, something fast and something to get revenge.

For too many years the girls of this country have been shot at by brthers, neighbours and cousins well now girls it is time for us to get our own back and do it in style!

The new Nerf Rebelle range used a variety of Nerf weapons in different shapes from the small single bullet hide in your pocket power pair to the six dart rapid blasting guardian crossbow you are bound to find something to suit you. With four different weapons in the range we have been testing out there power, loadability and easy of use.

Elizabeth is a lover of the easy to use pink crush with crossbow attachment, a single dart blaster that can shoot up to 75 feet and is simple to use.

Alison loves the Power pair with one in each hand these stealth compact blasters can be whipped out of pockets at any moment to attack Daddy or the cats. With a single dart each these pack a powerful punch and have been used to shoot darts over the roof of buildings.

Next in the range is my favourite the Heatrbreaker bow, I feel as though I am part of the Hunger games. It is a single dart bow with a storage area for more darts. You have to pull back quite hard to shoot the darts which is why the girls are a bit young to do this at the moment.

The ultimate revenge weapon has to be the six dart rapid blasting guardian crossbow. Load it like a shotgun and fire. This weapon will take on any of the boys toys with its autorotating loader and six collectable bullets. We dont want any old boring bullets for our weapons do we girls? Nerf Rebelle have their own special range of bullets with tribal designs in gorgeous colours you will never want to lose one.

The girls may be a bit young for the larger weapons but I have them stored by my chair for the next time Hubby is being a pain!