Nano quad x4 Copter by Flying Gadgets

When I was at the Gadget Show a few weeks ago I was introduced to the Flying Gadget Nano quad x4 Copter. It has taken me a while to write this review and this is the first quad copter I had flown and so it took a bit of practice to get the hang of flying it but once I did it was lots of fun.

The design of the Nano Quad X4 makes it one of the smallest quadcopters in the world and yet it still has loads of features. With 3 difficulty settings, it will be a new challenge for even the most proficient fliers. I never managed to get it off the lowest difficulty setting and even that took a bit of getting used too.

As well as the controls to be able to fly the quadcopter the controller also features the ability to do a full 360 degree flip mode means this quadcopter can be flipped upside down and still carry on flying.

The Nano Quad X4 has a large rechargeable Lipo battery that gives a flight time of nearly 8-10 minutes.

As well as a vibrant black and green design there are also blue and red LED lights which light up and look amazing in flight.

Despite numerous collisions, the Nano Quad has not sustained any damage but it does come with spare blades just in case.

We have had great fun learning to fly this Nano Quad copter and the girls have had a go too although they seem to be able to crash it more than fly it. If you are looking for a fun flying gadget that is robust, has great features and a variety of difficulty settings suitable for all levels of fliers.