My Little Pony: Call of the cutie


Three young ponies are on a quest to find their cutie marks, the pictures on their flanks that match their life purpose. All ponies are born with blank flanks and it is only through growing up that their cutie marks appear. Apple Bloom, Sweetie belle, and Scootaloo decide to found a secret society- “The Cutie Mark Crusaders”

With five great episodes that see the Cutie Mark Crusaders on a voyage of self discovery aided by the main characters from My Little Pony. There are lots of adventures to be had as the friends remember how they got their cutie marks and as they all work together, their quest takes them on a fun-filled journey, learning valuable lessons about friendship along the way.

Another great My Little Pony dvd that the girls have really enjoyed. Our only downside was that it was only five episodes as they could have kept watching for a lot longer.

We are eagerly waiting the next installment.