My children, playing nicely thats unheard of until now


Look there is even photographic evidence.

Sat next to each other sharing, well if I hadnt taken the photo I wouldnt have believed it either.

When I contact Brainbox games to ask them to donate to my tombola I was amazed at their generousity. They donated 13 prizes in total, 8 mini games, 3 packs of wikki stix, a time ravel game and a great looking game called guacamole!

All of these games are a bit old for my two so they were nice enough to send my girls “My First Pictures”. I love the idea of this game, improving memory is one of the most important things when it comes to children and adults alike. Memory helps us do so much in day to day life and especially whilst at school.

We played this game with the girls godfather and I have to say he wasn’t very good (Hi Alex if you are reading this) but then again neither was I. Elizabeth on the other hand was brilliant  and although we relaxed the rules with Alison she too had great fun.

You can play this game as a group or even by your self you look at the card for 10 seconds (egg timer included) and then you answer a question about what you looked at. Sounds easy doesnt it but how many of you would notice that one of the ladybirds wasn’t smiling or whether the two elephants were looking the same way. Elizabeth did (unfortunately I didnt).

So she won fair and square and I didnt even let her.

Great game and a great company, Thank you Brainbox games and Green Board Games. By the way can I just say the packaging is great very sturdy but also easy for little hands.

You can find Brainbox games on their website on facebook or even on twitter @brainboxgames

You can buy My first pictures from Amazon

I received the game free of charge for the purpose of review. I also received 13 prizes for inclusion in my tombola.

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