Minion Madness with Top Trumps and Crayola

It seems that Minions are taking over the world and they are certainly taking over our house however we are not complaining at all! We all love Minions so much that I am sure Alison is turning in to one.
We were sent some Minions Top Trumps and a Crayola Minion Colour Alive colouring book.

I wasn’t sure how the Minion top trumps would work unless they focused on a variety of Minions who did not play a big part in the film so I was pleasantly surprised to see that they actually focused on scenes from the movie as well as the main characters. With five categories to score which include Cleverness, Bravery, Leadership, Mischievous and Top Trumps rating the game continues to stick to the traditional Top Trumps game play whilst capturing the imagination with the varied cards.

Colouring is always a great way to pass the time and we tend to take a colouring book with us when we are travelling and when we go out for dinner. With Crayola Colour Alive it takes the colouring book to a whole new level and we were very happy to receive the Minions Colour Alive book. The special effect pen for Minions gives a banana effect which looks fantastic through the app.
As well as the special effect you can also make your Minion 4D, move them around and even change the size of your Minion. Alison had lots of fun doing this and she loved seeing her Minions come alive on the screen. My only downside is that the app is on my phone which means I lose my phone frequently for her to play with the app.
Our house has definitely caught Minion Madness, has yours?